Something About Mary

Redondo Beach Portofino Marina

“To give real service, you must add something that cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.” —Douglas Adams

My experience in mortgage financing is valuable to real estate clients.  I know about the financing process – the protocol, what is needed, how long things take, what obstacles to prepare for – and this gives clients an advantage.  Timing, documentation, knowing what to look for and how to navigate and negotiate are all part of the detailed process of buying or selling a home.  This is what I do best.

Having worked with hundreds of mortgage and real estate clients who’ve entrusted me with their private financial information and with what is for many, their biggest financial investment and asset: their home.  Confidentiality, professionalism and business sense is expected from my clients, and I take that seriously.

Being a people-person and a diplomat is paramount when negotiating with another party during a real estate transaction.  My personal philosophy in business is that I treat my clients as I if they and their financial property investments are as important as my own and my family’s. I believe in being professional, approachable and fair while representing my clients and their specific needs.

Rates and programs are important, but so is knowing how to make your property investment work for you financially.  I invite you to talk with me about your home and investment properties and how I might help you get exactly what you want from your equity.

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